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Jul '09

Our Adventures of Late

No, Wesley didn’t get beat up. He just found the canister of cocoa. I guess I’ll have to be more diligent about closing that pantry door.

Wes is at that age where he is into EVERYTHING. Like baskets.

And he’s like a little rocket, zipping from one exciting thing to the next without pausing. Therefore, our living room (and rest of the house) frequently resembles this:

It’s exhausting trying to keep the house in perfect order, so I save my energy for when I know we have company heading over.

This week we spent some time in Park City after one of John’s interviews and visited the Olympic Park. A few highlights.

Future bobsled driver?

We took a guided tour that included a handful of tourists who were obviously parents/grandparents based on how much attention they gave to Wesley. When they were taking photo ops at the bobsled, they insisted Wesley get in for a picture, offered to take the picture for us, and waved their hands wildly and made funny noises to catch his attention. I tell you, you can’t be inconspicuous with a baby. Especially with Wesley.

We also watched the aerial jumpers practice. In the summer they use a pool with bubbles (to pad the landing). Can you see the ski jumper in red pants doing a flip?

The tour took us to the top of the ski jump. I decided I’m too afraid of heights to be a ski jumper. Do you see how STEEP and HIGH and ON THE EDGE A MOUNTAIN this is? I’m just saying. Good thing that wasn’t one of my great life ambitions.

A family photo in the mountain heights.


2 Responses to “Our Adventures of Late”

  1. alicia Says:

    I like how you said you save up your energy to keep the house clean when company comes. That is what I am going to say when the house is a mess from kids. :)

    Also, I keep meaning to tell you that I finished the movies I borrowed from you and I just need to get them back to you!! Somehow. Unfortunately Koby and John don’t see each other very much anymore.

  2. tara72 Says:

    oh wow, that is really high….but man, that picture of Wesley waving with you in the bobsled is sooooooo CUTE! now you need to watch Cool Runnings. I hope the interview went well for John. he looks sharp in the family photo – that’s for sure!!

    and your house is finally resembling mine. :)

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