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Apr '12

Books and Fortunes

Last night I was DYING for some Chinese food and John sweetly took us out to eat. I loved it.

Wesley’s fortune said, “You are capable, competent, creative, careful.” So true. Except for the “careful” part.

The other day I found both kids snuggled up behind the chair, reading books. So, so quietly.


Carissa’s Coloring

Carissa loves to color. I recently invested in washable crayons and markers because she colors on anything and everything, including herself.

Some of her recent creations. She calls all letters “B” and sometimes asks for us to write “B” (hence the ABC’s and other words).



As I’ve said before, cutting Wesley’s hair is a nightmare experience for me and him and everyone involved. I used to cut it myself but I quit when I found this place about 20 miles away that specializes in kids’ haircuts. It’s worth the drive and worth the money.

There’s a slide and a video game in the waiting area. Wes gets to sit in the vehicle of his choice to get his haircut (this time he picked the airplane), and he can watch a TV program while being groomed. The best part is the balloon at the end.

I think Wes looks handsome.

I paid 50 cents extra for Carissa to get her own balloon, even though she was a bystander.

This time Wes was amazingly calm for most of his cut–the best he’s ever done. After we finished we went next door to a consignment kids’ clothing shop where I bought Carissa two swimsuits (every girl needs multiple swimsuits, right?) for the summer. (Also, I wasn’t sure what size, and one was a one-piece, and the other had a t-shirt plus shorts.) Since they were used they were very affordable. And Carissa was insistent about getting the sippy cup seen in the picture above. You can never have too many sippy cups.


Daddy Play Time

Our kids love their dad, and they love it when he plays with them. They get so excited when he walks in the room.

Too bad this didn’t focus. They love to ride around on dad. I call it a “dinosaur ride.”

Wesley’s favorite game: Ring Around the Rosy


Carissa Blowing Her Nose

One of her many, many talents.


Easter Sunday 2012

On Easter Sunday before church I attempted to get some nice, posed pictures of my two kids in their Easter best.

Oh, well.

In the afternoon we headed out back for our first-ever family Easter egg hunt. I filled some eggs with chocolate (for Wes) and others with crackers (for Carissa, who’s allergic to nuts processed with the chocolate).

I love Carissa’s Easter dress.

Here’s the end of our hunt:

And then they got to sit inside and reap the fruits of their labors.