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May '07

Buddha Belly

Our blog has been down this past week. But it’s up and running again! So here’s a post I meant to put up last week while the blog was unavailable.

Yesterday after my aerobics class I stayed to ask my instructor some questions about exercise during pregnancy (her answers, by the way, were “your body knows what to do, so listen to it” and “do reverse crunches instead”).

As I was finishing my chat with her another class member, an Asian girl even shorter than me, smiled widely and asked if this baby was my first. I said it was. And she said, “Can I touch it?” Without waiting for my response, she started rubbing my tummy. She rubbed it not once, not twice, but about six times while I told her when the baby was coming and that it’s a boy. It didn’t bother me, just surprised me. It was like a Buddha belly rub, except I don’t think rubbing my tummy brings good luck. It probably just aids digestion.

Buddah Belly!