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May '06

Who wants chocolate milk?

Last night we had dinner at Allie’s American Grill in the Provo Marriott. We go there exactly once every year to use our 2-for-1 coupon from our Entertainment book. Every other time we’ve gone the place has been half dead and we had a waiter all to ourselves. But last night a scrapbook convention was in town (hello, Provo) and the place was packed.

With women.

Needless to say we didn’t have a waiter all to ourselves. In fact it was a good thing we decided to try the Friday-night buffet so we didn’t have to rely on a waiter to bring us our food. We helped ourselves to prime rib, chicken, salad, and desserts. It was pretty good. The only thing we had to use our waiter for was our drinks, which were included in the price of the buffet.

You have to understand that when eating out John and I are strictly water drinkers. Water is free, you know. But last night I decided to go all out and order a chocolate milk, and John got OJ.

The trouble was that our waiter was nowhere to be found. We finally asked the hostess to please bring us our drinks. My chocolate milk was divine. I don’t drink the stuff that often, so maybe my taste buds were over-sensitive, but it was so rich and creamy it tasted like dessert. Mmmm. When we wanted refills we asked our hostess again and instead of refilling my glass she brought me a pint of chocolate milk in the original packaging.

It wasn’t low-fat chocolate milk. Oh, no. We’re talking full-fledged-full-fat-full-flavor whole milk chocolate milk. No wonder it had tasted so good.

Chocolate milk chug

Well, the problem with suddenly knowing exactly what you’re drinking is you know exactly what you’re drinking. Nine grams of fat and 230 calories per serving, to be exact. I have to admit, it was harder to enjoy that second glass. But I managed to anyway.