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Jan '15

Bits of December

In December we went with some extended family to Tucanos. It is such a nice place to visit during the holidays because of the amazing lights outside.


We tried to get family pictures but they didn’t really turn out; these are the best two, and they don’t include everyone.



We enjoyed walking through the Christmas lights after dinner, and we discovered a free sleigh ride in a wagon pulled buy two horses with bells on. We stood in line about 15 minutes, and then it was our turn. Just as we were walking up to board Elizabeth suddenly threw up. So I stayed with her on the sidelines while John took the other two kids for a ride. They loved it. Elizabeth was fine, by the way.

We took the kids to the annual United Angels Foundation Christmas Party, which is for families who have kids with special needs. We ate dinner and then played games and stood in line to see Santa. I like to get pictures of the kids with Santa to help document Christmas year-by-year, but this year wasn’t a great year for pictures.




Oh, well.

John and I attended a BIP meeting for Wes at his school. “BIP” means “Behavior Intervention Program” (I think). It’s part of his IEP program, which helps with academic goals. This covers behavior-specific goals. We met with six or seven other people who work with Wes and school and talked about ways to help him do better. Carissa was with us, since she had a slight fever and we didn’t want to leave her with a babysitter (like the other two kids). It was a long meeting, almost 2 hours, so to keep her busy I gave her my camera. And voila, we have pictures of our meeting. Mostly of Carissa.








One morning I thought I’d make a quick coffee cake, and that it wouldn’t take much time at all, but then all three kids wanted to help and it wasn’t so quick anymore. I like it when they help me in the kitchen, though.

sm12.12.14 breakfast kids

Grocery shopping with Wes. I made him put the Utes hat back.



Playing with umbrellas.


I noticed that Carissa had taken our family picture (from 4 years ago) and updated it herself.