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Apr '06

Ya Gotta Love Our Mailman!

Our mailman is great. Whenever he delivers a package to our doorstep, he’s always careful to cover the parcel with our doormat, so it’s less noticeable by passerby’s. We appreciate this since our house is on the corner of a much-traveled street, and we both are gone at work during the day.

This past week we received a rather large package in the mail–a factory refurbished weed wacker that John had bought off ebay for $99. It was packaged in a box about 6 feet long and eighteen inches high. Our dear mailman wasn’t fazed by the box’s size, though; he still did his duty and dragged over our doormat to cover it.

Or, tried to cover it.

Here’s how it actually worked:

You know the mailman’s motto: “Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor wind, nor dead of night, nor huge weed wacker boxes shall deter us from delivering the mail.”

Apr '06

April Snow Brings May . . . ?


When I went to aerobics at 5:45 this morning I wore a light sweater over my workout clothes. It was maybe 55 degrees, and clear. When I drove home afterward I admired the gorgeous morning sky that was mostly blue with a few scattered clouds. It was so pleasant.

I took my car in to get fixed at 8 a.m. When I left the shop with my now fully functional car at 9:30 it was wet and rainy.

When I drove home today at 5:30, there was an inch of soggy snow on my car.

What’s up with that?

Apr '06

A bruised banana day


It’s barely 8 a.m. and already my banana is bruised. The entire bottom half of my brand-new banana that I had just purchased last night is now inedible gushiness.

That’s how my day is going so far. I woke up late, and with a headache. One of those annoying ones in the right temple and neck/shoulder area that’s there when you go to sleep at night, is there all night long, and is still lingering when you wake up. And, like I said, I woke up late so I didn’t have time to work out this morning.

But I took a shower and put on makeup and gathered together my lunch like usual. When I opened the garage door to go to work I saw it was raining. Not pleasant spring rain. Cold, icy, it-could-be-February rain.

But at least I had an umbrella, and I went to work. As I tried to get out of the car balancing my umbrella, bag, and plastic lunch sack, my lunch plummeted to the wet pavement with a devastating plop. My first thought was, “The one day I bring a brand-new banana to work in my plastic lunch sack, and look what happens.” As soon as I got inside I pulled out the banana and examined it. The bottom half is inedible gushiness, like I said, but the top half seemed salvageable.

And that’s when I noticed that my plastic container of applesauce had cracked open and spilled everywhere.

Yep, it’s a bruised banana day, all right.