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Apr '13

“I’m Strong!”

…Now if only we would tell ourselves that every day, with such conviction as she has.



During General Conference weekend I had an opportunity for a quick outing to a cupcake shop with my sister, Mom, and nieces. The store had recently won the show Cupcake Wars, and we wanted to see how good they were.

Their winning cupcake display.

It turns out, all the cupcakes were really tasty. I tried the fruit pizza, caramel toffee, and chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. They are less sweet than the ones at the cupcake bakery closer to our house, and I enjoyed these more. The fruit pizza was surprisingly delicious (it was a show award winner), and the chocolate peanut butter was my favorite.

And maybe the best part was I had an outing without my kids! A break is nice.


Shoe Shopping

Not too long ago I took Wes, Carissa, and Elizabeth to Payless for shoes. Shopping with all three kids can be a little hit-and-miss, but once they found the camera in my purse they were happily entertained while I took turns helping them try on shoes. And thus our shopping trip has been documented.

Picture taken in front of a mirror.

Apr '13

IKEA Outing

John came with me and the kids to IKEA. A treat to have John, and a double treat to meet up with my parents there.

IKEA with Grandpa = lots of fun and climbing.

At home in IKEA.

Lunch at IKEA. Yummmmm. And cheap.

Watching cars.

Because an outing is never complete without an ice cream cone.

One new toy.

Another new toy.

A fun day.