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Jul '10

Oh Baby

I’m fast approaching the 35 week mark of this pregnancy. Let me remind you that my labor with Wesley started at 36 weeks and 4 days. But also let me remind you that he only weighed 3 lbs 15 oz at birth. I had no idea how spoiled I was to carry such a small baby until now. The baby girl inside my belly must be more of a regular baby. Here’s why I think so.

A) I feel her A LOT.

I remember that when Wes was born and we learned he has Down syndrome the nurses wanted to know if I had felt him “normally” in the womb. I didn’t know how to answer that because he was my first pregnancy. I felt Wes move in the womb, sure. I felt him hiccuping frequently. But it was nothing compared to what I’m feeling with this kid inside me now. She moves frequently–so frequently that I find myself thinking to her, “You know that once you’re living with us you have to sleep sometimes, right? RIGHT?!” She is quiet sometimes, but she sure seems to move a lot. Every time I’m awake at night she seems to be, too.

B) Her movements make me uncomfortable in a way I never was with Wesley.

I find myself shifting around a lot, trying to get her to stop moving, or to at least make it less uncomfortable for me. She pushes against my rib cage, my bladder, and my lower back all. the. time. My lower back is constantly sore. If John even accidentally brushes his hand somewhere near my lower back I can’t help but say, “Oooooh, pleeeeease, push against my tailbone. Pleeeeeeease.” The counter pressure is nice. The only way my lower back feels better is if I’m on all fours with my hips in the air. (Not really a convenient position to be in very often.)

I can’t help but think about the next five weeks and wondering, is it truly necessary for the baby to get much bigger? She seems strong and healthy to me as she is. Maybe we can have it over with by 36 weeks like we did with Wes?

I realize I just entered the category of “pregnant women who whine.” Or maybe just “pregnant women.” Because I think it’s fair to suppose most pregnant women, amid their joyful anticipation, experience a few inconveniences that elicit some complaints too.

And don’t even get me started on varicose veins.

But I guess this is one way to make me feel over-the-top ready for the baby to come when she’s ready to. I hope we’re ready when she is.