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Jun '09

Clapping and Other Neat-o Tricks

Wesley clapped for the first time yesterday.

We’ve been trying to get him to clap for what feels like forever. I’ve seen kids a lot younger than him clap and I’ve always wondered, “Why the heck can’t/won’t Wes do that?” Just last week one of his therapists was visiting and when she learned he doesn’t clap yet told us he needs to learn how to do that.

Lately Wes and I have been playing a game where he puts his hands on mine and he pushes my hands open and closed. I say the words “open” and “close” as our hands move. He likes to direct the motion, and he laughs when we go really fast (and end up clapping).

Just yesterday, for the first time, he started waving his arms and hands around like crazy with this goofy expression on his face. It took me a second to realize, “Hey! He’s clapping!”

Check out this video. It shows off not only his new clapping skills, but three other tricks he’s recently acquired.

I’m really proud of him. The longer you have to walk to arrive somewhere, the more you enjoy your destination. I’m really enjoying Wesley’s progress because it takes a lot, sometimes, to get there!

I’m excited, too, that he’s learned a new sign: “please.” We just realized this week that when he’s rubbing his tummy he’s saying “please.” I think he must have learned this from our time spent at playgroup, because there when the leaders ask if the kids want something, parents are supposed to help the kids say “please” (I take Wesley’s hand and rub it in a circle on his chest). I guess you never know what things your little people are going to pick up without you realizing it.

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  1. mom Says:

    Golly, don’t little kids just make life amazing?? I was clapping all through the video! Wesley just goes by leaps and bounds sometimes. I am sure it seems like such a long wait, but oh, it is *so* worth it! Thank you for sharing, Shannon!

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