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May '09

Another First

Wes got his first bloody nose today, poor guy. He biffed it, nose-first, on the cement porch floor. When I retrieved him and saw blood dripping onto the cement I was scared he had lost his first (and only) tooth. Then I saw his nose and the blood pouring out.

Thankfully it was evening and John was home. When he saw Wes, John gathered him in his arms and helped him stop crying (which took a little while). John’s cotton polo shirt was remarkably absorbent and helped sop up Wesley’s messy face.

We gave him a bottle, which he happily drank, and than some Tylenol, just in case. After fifteen minutes he was back to climbing all over the furniture and us, and for the rest of the night you’d never have know he biffed it earlier.

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  1. tara72 Says:

    awww poor little guy!! and almost more importantly, poor mommy. :) it’s hard to watch our little buggers get hurt, isn’t it? I’m always telling myself “this is only the beginning….oh goody!” well I’m glad he recovered fairly quickly!!

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