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Dec '08

Wesley’s Visit with Santa

Tonight we took Wes to the annual Christmas party for families who have kids with Down syndrome. It’s sponsored by the United Angels Foundation, which did a terrific job making it an enjoyable night.

Santa was there. We woke Wes up especially to see Santa, so when he finally got to sit on the jolly man’s lap Wes was still kind of groggy and serious.

But we managed to get a smile out of him.

(Here’s Wes on Santa’s lap last year when he was 2 months old. He must’ve been a smidgen groggy then, too.)

Then the Sparkly Pals performed. They’re a Utah dance group of kids with Down syndrome. When Wes is three years old he can join if he wants to. Now, you just try to tell me that these kids aren’t cute:

I rarely look at Wes and see Down syndrome in him. But after being in a room with lots of kids with DS running around it wasn’t hard to see the same features in Wes. He really is part of a special community, and what nice people are part in that community! We had such a good time tonight chatting with other parents and meeting their children. We listened to their stories of the various physical challenges their kids have faced and still deal with–multiple open heart surgeries, being on oxygen until they’re four, needing a gavage feeding tube for months or years, sleep apnea problems requiring a c-pap (oxygen mask–try forcing that on a two-year-old!), acid reflux requiring surgery to make the esophagus one-way, leukemia (which is more common with DS) and radiation treatments (the kid’s only eleven)… I could go on and on. Wes is really thriving. He has been blessed with excellent physical health and a strong body. People commented on his good muscle tone (because he can close his mouth all the way without his tongue hanging out) and how great it is that he’s crawling, standing (a little), and so active. Wes is doing great.


3 Responses to “Wesley’s Visit with Santa”

  1. ktaggart Says:

    Shannon, I am so proud of Wes, he is doing great! Oh my goodness, can that picture of him smiling with Santa be any cuter. I have to meet this cutie of yours one day. Just seeing him in the picture just brings a smile to my face.

  2. tara72 Says:

    those kids are adorable! but man, Wes smiling with Santa is soooooooooo cute. what a doll. he really IS doing well. not only has Wes been blessed, but you and John have been blessed to have him. I know it is trying sometimes, but man, when that kid smiles, it just seems like everything bad melts away. I sure love seeing him. you guys are great parents.

  3. yuchen Says:

    Hello, John, Shannon, and Wesley.
    I’m a sophomore in high school and I am currently working on a presentation on down syndrome.
    I wanted to ask for your permission to use some of the pictures of Wesley you have posted on this blog, if that is okay. Please e-mail me at yuyu.banana@gmail.com

    Thank you. Wesley is a gorgeous baby :)

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