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Dec '08

Wesley’s New Shoes

Today while we went to Salt Lake a wonderful family in our neighborhood looked after Wesley. When we came home and I went to pick him up their son said that Wesley was out shopping at KMart with his mom and grandma. So I went home empty-handed (which was fine–more of a break for me!). A little while later they dropped off Wes and, lo and behold, he had new shoes! He’s never worn shoes before, but doesn’t he looked very manly in them?

Wes will turn fifteen months old next week. He likes to walk when we hold onto his hands and help him. It makes him break out in a great big grin every time. And when he’s standing up with our help and we let go, if he doesn’t realize we’re not holding him up anymore, he’ll stand there for a few seconds all by himself. Today for the first time we saw him pull himself to standing and then let go of the object he had been hanging onto and stand for a few seconds. He’s getting braver, I think. The average walking age for kids with Down syndrome is about two years old, and I think Wes will come out ahead in that area. Especially now that he’s got these stylin’ shoes to sport everywhere he goes!

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  1. tara72 Says:

    oh my gosh, that is a funny story. how cute of your neighbor, and Wesley looks so cute!

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