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Oct '08

Wesley’s progress

Wes has really taken off with crawling. He’s getting more adventurous and roaming wherever his hands and knees will take him. Yesterday I saw him crawl from the living room all the way to the dining room, which involves going around a corner.

I think our two cats (poor, unsuspecting souls) have greatly influenced Wesley’s crawling skills. They’re his favorite friends/victims. Kyra is the older, more maternal cat that, while not loving Wesley’s affections, will at least put up with him. Grayson is the younger, more skittish cat that whenever he sees Wes approaching gets the heck out of Dodge. Which helps encourage Wes to crawl even more!

Video: Chasing Grayson

One thing I’ve been helping Wes learn to do is climb the stairs. I barely started working with him on it last week, but he has apparently taken to it so well that he feels confident enough to do it when my back is turned. This morning I ran upstairs for a minute and when I came back I looked over the landing and couldn’t see him where I had left him. I looked down further and saw him standing on the first step and trying for his second. His physical therapist pointed out that fear is not a bad thing for kids to gain and we should give Wes “controlled falls” so he can experience a little panic and fear and realize he shouldn’t try to stand, sit, or turn around on the stairs. Guess I’ll have to get around to trying that sometime soon.

Video: Up the Stairs

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