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Aug '08

Wesley 11-month update

A neighbor brought us a squash, which Wes quite liked. In its natural form, anyway. I haven’t steamed and mashed it yet for him to try in its actual edible form. Maybe tomorrow.

His therapist dropped off a baby food grinder for me to use to prepare grown-up food in baby form for Wes (veggies, pasta, meat, etc.). I probably get a C as a mom in the eating department because I have to force myself to feed Wes food besides milk. This is mainly because whatever Wes eats you always see again in the form of spit-up. I’m not sure how long it will take for him to outgrow that. It gets tiring, always cleaning it up. At least milky spit-up is somewhat a neutral color. Last week I gave him lasagna (stage 3 baby food, and he did great with it, even without teeth), but then I had to do a whole load of laundry of shirts, bibs, blankets, and burp rags covered in reddish-pinkish spit-up. And it was three days before I felt like giving him solids again after that. I know. C-mom for sure.

Wes is eleven months old now. I remember when he turned six months John and I came to the surprising realization that we were parents of a kid half-way to one year old. And now we’re parents of a kid less than a month off from one. Kind of crazy.

He is progressing well enough in his own ways. He can crawl backwards, but he only scoots back just far enough to push himself up to sitting. He doesn’t seem to realize he could be cruising around the house if he wanted, as long as he doesn’t mind moving backward.

He’s into size 3-6 month clothes. I realized today that we’ll get to reuse his Superman costume from Halloween last year (which he absolutely swam in as a 4-pound baby), because the costume is made for babies up to 9 months. And even though he’ll be over a year old by October 31st, we’ll be lucky if he’s wearing size 6-month clothes.

Wes is a super-happy kid. He smiles a lot, and giggles a lot when he’s tired but happy. One of my favorite things to do is lie next to him on the floor or on our bed when he’s winding down for a nap and is in a good mood. I can baby-wrestle with him, pull him on my tummy, tickle him, throw him in the air, and he laughs and laughs. It’s so fun being a mom sometimes.


3 Responses to “Wesley 11-month update”

  1. tara72 Says:

    um yes. super cute baby. :)

  2. Jon Boy Says:

    What a great smile! And good luck with the solids—I can’t stand being spit up on constantly, so I feel your pain.

  3. Josh Says:

    This is actually Hannah… You are not a C-mom! I’m totally with you on the feeding babies milk thing. Ethan doesn’t even spit up, but solids are still a lot of work. Technically, babies can live off just milk for the first year (my mom didn’t feed us kids anything but breast milk for the first year basically). Then again breast milk may be different from formula. Either way I think Wes is a healthy, happy kid and lucky to have a mom like you!

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