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Jul '08

Amish Friendship Bread

Today I made a couple loaves of Amish Friendship Bread. You make it from a sourdough starter that sits in a Ziploc bag for ten days before you can make bread (the fact that it sits out, unrefrigerated, for ten days really grosses John out; but I didn’t hear him complaining when he was eating a warm slice of the bread today).

When I was adding the final ingredients I realized I didn’t have enough sugar, and I didn’t feel like trotting next door to borrow some. I substituted brown sugar for what I was missing, and I had to completely forgo the cinnamon-sugar coating on the loaf pan.

While the bread baked I bemoaned my sugar problem to John, but all he did was look at me funny.

“What?” I said.

“Hon, we’re not out of sugar.”

I thought about it. And, sure enough, he’s right. We’re totally not out of sugar. There are about fifty pounds of sugar in big tin cans in our basement that I not only helped can but also lugged downstairs to our basement single-handedly. Surely I should have remembered that.

It’s OK. The Friendship Bread turned out tasty anyway. And if anyone who lives in my area wants a Friendship Bread starter, let me know. I have four in my freezer, waiting to be given away.

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  1. alicia Says:

    Friendship bread is so good!! I’d love a starter if you have one to spare. You can send the icky goodness with John to work. :) I would keep a starter for me and make bread over and over again- I could only do this 3 times before I got so sick of the bread.

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