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Jun '08

Potty mouth

Tonight Wes was playing on his changing table while I changed the sheet on his bed. His favorite thing to do there is flip over from his back to his tummy and look around. I kept glancing over while I was working on the bed (the table has safety rails, but they’re kind of short and Wes frequently hooks his legs and arms over the top of them, just to test my nerves, I’m sure).

All was dandy until I looked over and saw that his lips were covered in white goop, and it wasn’t spit-up. He had grabbed a trial-size package of Desitin that had been torn open and he was smearing it all over his mouth. Apparently it tasted good? That would surprise me, considering how badly that stuff reeks. Then again, formula reeks, too, and he downs four ounces of that every three hours.

I quickly cleaned him up and checked the Desitin package and, of course, there’s a poison warning on it. But I’m fairly certain he didn’t actually ingest any (or much) of it. That trial-size poison trap is safely in the diaper bin now.

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