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Jun '08

Camping n Stuff

Wes has been blowing raspberries like crazy. He tends to do it more when he’s getting tired/bored instead of crying. Yesterday on our way home from camping he was getting ready for a bottle, but we were still a few minutes from town, so he had to wait. He was whining a little, but blowing raspberries more. John said, “Well, at least he’s got his boat to keep him happy.” Because that’s exactly how he sounds–like he’s driving a speedboat. He’d be really cute in a captain’s hat behind the wheel of a toy boat.

He’s also strong enough now that we can stand him up in his crib and help him grab hold of the side and then let go so he’s standing up essentially alone. He’s getting stronger all the time.

We took him on his first camping trip over the weekend to Camp Ensign northeast of Heber City. He hardly even knew he was in the middle of nature because he got to play and do everything like normal. Just in the middle of mountains and pine trees instead of in our living room.

We had hobo dinners and s’mores Friday night like normal campers, but we went to sleep in style. We brought our portable DVD player for the car ride, but it turns out that there was an electrical outlet near our tent site, and my brother managed to round up a 25-foot extension cord, sooo…we fell asleep watching Jimmy Stewart in Harvey.

We let Wes sleep in the car seat in our tent with several layers of clothing, hats, socks, and blankets. He apparently was so comfy that he slept soundly till 8 a.m. Saturday morning in spite of near-freezing temperatures overnight. I nearly iced over because it turns out I’m an idiot and don’t know how to properly bundle myself up in a mummy sleeping bag.

The next day we visited Smith and Morehouse Reservoir up the road where we enjoyed the hot weather and I got a Birkenstock tan on my feet.

Wes has his nine-month checkup tomorrow. Can’t believe he’s nearly a year. Time flies.

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