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Jun '08

More ice cream madness

I guess when you combine one mom who loves ice cream with one dad who adores chocolate, you end up with a chocoholic ice cream addict baby.

Tonight we ate out at Olive Garden (my mom-in-law’s treat, as she’s in town), and for dessert I had some chocolate gelato. Wes sure seemed interested in it, so at last I gave in and let him try some.

He was really into it. Check out this video of him. Whenever he saw the spoon approaching, his mouth would open, his tongue would hang out, and his limbs would wriggle with excitement. This is one serious chocoholic ice cream addict baby.


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  1. marlogreer Says:

    Shannie- I haven’t read for awhile and today when I was checking I saw the picture of Ty. So cute. I’m glad you got to visit my mom. I wish I had been there. When Noelle and I lived with them it was such a blast. And now, 6 months later, Noelle goes crazy whenever she sees a picture of Ty. She points and repeats and repeats his name over and over. Interesting, since she doesn’t always correctly identify Jamieson and I in real life or in pictures. Ty and Noelle have a very special bond and it makes me very happy. Seeing you with little Wes makes me happy as well. You must be an amazing mom.

  2. Bethany K Says:

    Hi! You don’t know who I am, but this is Bethany. A few months ago, I was expecting a baby in about five weeks and I typed in “baby and five weeks” or something like that into google. I wanted to see what babies who had arrived five weeks early might look like (I was trying to picture how my little girl was looking at that time). For some reason, your site picked up on the words and I ended up going to your blog. I’ve visited quite a lot since then, and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Blog and little Wes. I’ve since started a blog, and get a few random hits from around the world, and it’s kind of gratifying. Realizing this, I thought that you might enjoy the fact that you have at least one random blog-stalker (in a very non-scary sort of way). Anyway, I enjoy your updates. I hope you don’t mind!

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