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Mar '08

Wesley Went Swimming

This week I took Wesley swimming for his first time ever at my parent’s hotel when they were in town. We got him spruced up in Finding Nemo swim diapers that were much too large for his little hips but managed to stay on anyway.

The water was a little tepid at first, so I think Wesley’s first impression of the pool was, “What’s with the cold bathwater, mom?!” He seemed to be shivering slightly when only his legs were in the water, so I dunked him all the way to his shoulders and he appeared to warm up.

First I had him in sitting position so his head was upright. He seemed fine in the water. Here he is with me, and my nephew with my dad.



Wes didn’t seem to much care what was going on, as long as he could still suck on his fingers.


Then I put his back down like he was doing a back float. I expected him to try to pull up to sitting position again, but he didn’t resist. He actually waved his arms around in the water beside his head and kicked his legs. I’m guessing those movements were instinctive forms of self-defense, but it looked like he was swimming!



Afterward we headed back to my parent’s hotel room and my dad (bless him) propped up my two-year-old nephew and Wes against pillows to watch TV while we changed clothes. Television junkies already!



3 Responses to “Wesley Went Swimming”

  1. alicia Says:

    How fun! I can’t wait to go swimming again- that is nice you had access to an indoor pool! Kallie is liking to watch the TV too. :)

  2. Matt Says:

    Wooo! Hey, I know those people! ‘cept Wesley, go figure. Oh well.

    June it is!

    Looks like you had fun. Can’t wait to get out there. The last picture is awesome.

  3. erin Says:

    wow shannon! your dad! blast from the past!
    wes is such a natural little swimmer. babies actually have a “swimming” instinct, i think. he knows what’s going on there looks like. great pictures!
    this is erin king by the way. i suppose i should change my user name since there were quite a few of us. :)

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