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Feb '08

Baby Potato

Lately I’ve noticed that sometimes when the TV is on Wes is watching it. The first time I saw his eyes trained on the TV was when I was following an aerobics workout. Wes was lying on the floor, supposed to be playing with his play gym above his head, but instead he had twisted his body around so he could watch the aerobics instructors dance around.

Then the other day I was watching some show while feeding him, and when he finished I sat him on my lap and saw that his eyes were glued to the telly. I don’t even know what I was watching, but when I saw him watching too I turned the channel to KBYU to an educational animated show. Cartoon animals were singing songs about words, and Wes was riveted. Given that he’s only five months old, should this concern me? On the other hand, I wonder if the visual stimulation is actually good for him. Any thoughts out there?


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  1. alicia Says:

    uh, I don’t know what to say about this since there are so many opinions on it. I think they say it isn’t so good to have babies watching TV as it can be over-stimulating (plus start some bad habits early). However, sometimes you just can’t control it (like when you are doing aerobics). I doubt it is that bad when they are just checking it out or watching for a little while. I think things like Baby Einstein are alright- not too stimulating. Whenever the TV is on I try to entertain the baby with something else. Let me know if you find out anything on this subject.

  2. tara72 Says:

    Savannah would crane her head when we were feeding her a bottle and watching TV. she did it when she was really young, maybe two or three months old. they can’t help but be drawn to the bright colors on the television. I know some parents are really strict about tv and won’t let their babies even be introduced to it. but I think there is nothing to be concerned about. I don’t think Wesley is going to become addicted to TV from watching a little bit now and again.

    we used to show Savannah a sleepy time video before bedtime, and even before naps – maybe totalling 20-30 minutes a day. she doesn’t really watch that anymore, but she will usually watch one Wiggles episode (about 20 minutes) a day, and on car rides up to Salt Lake, we’ll sometimes turn on Baby Einstein. YOU have control over the tele. I think that as long as he’s not glued to a tv for two or three hours a day, he’ll be fine. I mean, every mom needs a 20 minute break now and again. :) sorry for the long comment!

  3. ktaggart1 Says:

    Shannon – I think him watching the tv is great! I think it is good that he is showing interest in it and it can stimulate him. Lance watches AT LEAST 40 minutes of Baby Einstein a day, and LOVES it! I think it helps develop their brain and he sits and laughs through it. We took him with us to Enchanted over Thanksgiving in the theater and he sat and watched the whole movie, we couldn’t believe it! It must have been the bright colors, music and dancing he loved. Lance seems to be doing fine, and if the tv is on and he is watching it, I think there is no problem. I just make sure to spend a bunch of time every day playing with him and his toys and stuff, but for a break, the tv is great. Not like I know… just my opinion!

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