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Dec '07

More Christmas Cheer

Tonight Wes attended yet another Christmas party (he’s quite the socialite), and this time he got a seat of honor with the Big Man himself.

It was a party hosted by Up with Downs. The kids came clothed in their PJs so they could watch The Polar Express on blankets and eat cookies and milk and talk to Santa. It’s great to see so many families in our area who have kids with Down syndrome and to realize that they’re all just like any other family, but with something special that bonds them together with everyone else in Up with Downs.

Wes had a good time, sleeping through everything except the brief moment when he opened his eyes a crack for this photo with Santa.



2 Responses to “More Christmas Cheer”

  1. jamie Says:

    Yay! I just learned how to leave comments on your blog. I had to sign up for a password and everything. Hopefully this works.

    Now, I have so much to say.

    #1. I love Wes! He’s so adorable. He’s still so little and I want to hold him. I can’t wait to quit my job in 30 days. When Jacob and I have more time after I quit, can we come visit?
    #2. This Santa looks more like a real Santa than any I’ve ever seen before. You should call him and tell him to audition for movies!

    Well, I guess that’s all I have to say actually. Mostly just how cute Wes is.

  2. mum2brady Says:

    Awwww – he is so cute! So glad you guys got to go to the party!

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