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Apr '06

A bruised banana day


It’s barely 8 a.m. and already my banana is bruised. The entire bottom half of my brand-new banana that I had just purchased last night is now inedible gushiness.

That’s how my day is going so far. I woke up late, and with a headache. One of those annoying ones in the right temple and neck/shoulder area that’s there when you go to sleep at night, is there all night long, and is still lingering when you wake up. And, like I said, I woke up late so I didn’t have time to work out this morning.

But I took a shower and put on makeup and gathered together my lunch like usual. When I opened the garage door to go to work I saw it was raining. Not pleasant spring rain. Cold, icy, it-could-be-February rain.

But at least I had an umbrella, and I went to work. As I tried to get out of the car balancing my umbrella, bag, and plastic lunch sack, my lunch plummeted to the wet pavement with a devastating plop. My first thought was, “The one day I bring a brand-new banana to work in my plastic lunch sack, and look what happens.” As soon as I got inside I pulled out the banana and examined it. The bottom half is inedible gushiness, like I said, but the top half seemed salvageable.

And that’s when I noticed that my plastic container of applesauce had cracked open and spilled everywhere.

Yep, it’s a bruised banana day, all right.

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  1. mom Says:

    Matt here, sorry for using this account :)

    I hope things got better! lol I have days like this a lot too, but they don’t always start with bruised bananas :(

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