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Dec '14

Basketball Boy

Our state’s Down syndrome foundation had some free tickets to a pro-basketball game, and we scored 2 tickets, so John took Wes tonight.

John said as he took Wes inside they stopped by the concessions and offered Wes a giant pretzel, but Wes said, “No, I full.”

Then they passed the ice cream vender, but Wes said, “No, I full.”

(At which point in the story I stopped John and said, “Was Wes sick?” He never turns down ice cream.)

But it turns out he just was really excited to get inside.

John said that Wes LOVED the game. Every time anyone scored a basket, Wes would jump up out of his seat and cheer. It didn’t matter which team. John kept telling him to say, “Go blue! Go blue!”, which he would, but sometimes when the other team would score he’d throw his hands in the air and shout, “Go white!”

Just as it was time to go (they left in the 3rd quarter, which was later than planned), as Wes got his jacket on, he looked up at his dad and said, “Ice cream.” He was ready. But it was also bedtime so it was a no-go.

However, he came home sleepy and so happy. Yay for basketball.




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