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Apr '12

BYU Easter Egg Hunts

The day before Easter we took the kids to BYU for two Easter egg hunts.

The first was on the green below the bell tower, sponsored by the Athletic Connection group. They have activities every Saturday during fall and winter semesters that connect people with Down syndrome with BYU athletes. But today it was just an Easter egg hunt.

The day was beautiful, and Wes had a good time.

After the hunt they sat in a circle and played Duck Duck Goose. The adults have as much fun as kids Wesley’s age. And Wes REALLY gets into the game. He can’t wait his turn to race around the circle, but basically jumps up whenever anyone does and makes a few rounds on his own. Nobody minds.

After lunch at Arby’s we headed to LaVell Edwards Stadium for the first annual BYU easter egg hunt. Four thousand people RSVP’d online, including us. The football field was strewn with candy and Easter eggs.

We patiently waited until they were ready to begin. Wes–Mr. Football himself–was in awe of the stadium and kept saying, “Football!” as he gazed across the green.

When it was time for the “hunt” they lined everyone up around the field’s perimeter. We were in the area for kids ages 0-3. There were a lot of bodies. Once they said, “GO!” there was a big rush onto the field.

Wes didn’t mind. He just found a little area and happily scooped up candies. Carissa had a good time, too.

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