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Jan '12

What We’ve Been Up To

Making forts (“tents”, as Wes calls them).

Reading books.

Eating crepes (Wesley’s favorite, especially with Nutella and bananas…or, really, just Nutella).

Falling asleep in the highchair.

Playing in snow (finally took the tags off the snow boots I bought them in November).

Making pizza and breadsticks, which I am getting surprisingly better at (thank you, Best Bites).

Snacking on breadsticks.

Reading. Here Wes is reading the dictionary. He was reading this for about 30 minutes. The other night he was reading a textbook, flipping through page by page until he came to each chapter heading, when he’d yell out the chapter number: “1!”, “2!” and so on. He’s good at reading AND counting.


3 Responses to “What We’ve Been Up To”

  1. tara72 Says:

    ah, fort days! yay!!

    I love how Carissa is reading the Conference issue of the Ensign. And Wes reading the dictionary? Man your kids are going to be so smart.

    The pizza and breadsticks look YUMMY!

  2. katietaggart Says:

    Oh my gosh that picture of them sitting on the couch smiling at each other totally melts my heart, so adorable! You really have such darling kids Shannon!

  3. mom Says:

    I am in LOVE with that third picture of them smiling at each other!!! Daddy, however, loves the “Conehead” snowman. You cook. You eat. You have cute kids. What *don’t* you do?

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