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Dec '11

Games, Music, and Oranges

Wes likes it when I do criss-cross applesauce on him. The words go like this:

“Criss, cross, applesauce
Spider crawling up your back.
Tight squeeze (I squeeze the back of his neck),
Cool breeze (I blow on the back of his neck),
Now you’ve got the shiverees!”

He’s picked up how to do it, and here he is practicing on Dad and Carissa.

Wes loves the theme music from the TV show The Office. I’ve been watching reruns streaming on Netflix lately, and every time he hears the closing credits he’ll come running. He likes to conduct the music.

Last night I was putting gifts together that included clementine oranges (those cute mini oranges that are easy to peel). Wes and Carissa zoned right in on them, thinking they were things to throw like a ball.

But I showed Wes how he can eat it, too. He ate all of this one, plus half of Carissa’s.


2 Responses to “Games, Music, and Oranges”

  1. tara72 Says:

    clementines are the best (if I can find a box of good ones). they are great for the kids. that criss cross applesauce is adorable!!

  2. mom Says:

    I remember doing criss-cross-applesauce when you guys were kids. Wesley is really expanding his food list, isn’t he. Yum!

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