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Dec '11


Carissa tried painting…the paper, the table, anything she could reach. Notice the pigtails–her first time.

When it’s time to put on Wes’s pants or diaper, he gets silly and folds himself up like this so I have to work harder to get the job done. People with Down syndrome are very flexible.

Wes likes to read books, or at least to look at them. I found him at our bookshelf with a giant old picture Bible.

We had our family picture taken at a church activity. It was the end of the night and Wes and Carissa were ready for bed.

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  1. mom Says:

    Several comments here: If Carissa paints everything she may lean towards the Impressionistic style. I’m impressed Wesley can touch his pillow with his toes….and his hair looks very lively. Love the picture in front of the bookcase. It looks as if the Bible is at least his third choice that day. The family pic is still gorgeous. Kids never really take a bad picture while John is still handsome and you are still beautiful. Perfect.

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