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Sep '11

Picture Catch-Up

Last month my mom and dad came in town for a visit. Always much fun.

Wesley loves his Grandma and Grandpa.

Lunch at Malawi’s.

Wes rode the carousel and liked it.

Wes likes to make his sister laugh. I often have to tell him to stop tickling her, because he’s getting too rough. Here he is doing Five Little Piggies on her feet.

And playing peek-a-boo. “Boo!”

OK, John, forgive me, but I have to include this photo because I love it so much. Last month John and I had a date (!) at a murder mystery dinner theater. Basically, you eat a (really tasty) dinner while the actors mingle with you and put on a performance around you. Some audience members are asked to participate. John not only read a line, but they also asked him to strut around with other male audience members during a musical number. The song was “I’m Too Sexy.” Too bad I forgot that my cell phone has a video option. But at least I got a photo!

Carissa loves to sit on little seats, even if they’re not meant to be seats. Here she is making a pack of water bottles her chair. (Important note: I have since cleaned my pantry and it no longer looks this disastrous.)

I take the kids everywhere. Some places we’ve been:


The park.

Playing in the fountain.

The Bean Museum.

The splash park (that’s Wesley’s cousin in front).

Carissa was brave sometimes.

And sometimes not.


2 Responses to “Picture Catch-Up”

  1. mom Says:

    So cute! Love the pictures! John shouldn’t be so camera shy. He photographs well…..those dreamy eyes! I was happy to see that Carissa is just a little bit bigger than a liter bottle. And some day little ponytails on the side would look adorable if she ever lets you do that. This was a su-weet post.

  2. tara72 Says:

    John up on stage is su-weeeeet!! you never told us that part. so awesome. :)

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