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Sep '11

Wesley’s Ways

Wes drinks more milk than just about anyone I know, with the possible exception of his baby sister. I usually give him 2%, although he’ll take it in all forms–skim, whole, chocolate, strawberry… He’s a big fan of the chocolate weight-loss shakes.

Milk mustache.

Wes goes back for his second year of preschool this week. I met with his teacher and speech therapist to review our goals for him this year. His teacher surprised me by saying that last year Wes would only count up to four with her. He’s been holding out! Because he counts all the time, and I know he can count to ten, and even sometimes gets up into the teens, although it’s less discernible (because I’m pretty sure he’s making it up as he goes). The only problem I had noticed with him counting to ten is that he frequently skips over three. “One, two, four…”

Wes is very smart, as far as I can tell. I think, because of the Down syndrome, his intelligence is manifest a little more mutely. He knows his numbers, shapes, letters, and colors, and he can say and sign a lot of words. Recently he has started using possessives: “Wesley’s shirt.” “Mommy’s shoes.” Snd his favorites: “Amma, Ampa’s house” and “Tawa’s house” (translation: he wants to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, or his Aunt Tara’s house. He gets quite mad when I try to take him back to our own house).

His teacher also pointed out that Wes plays really well by himself, and that one of her goals for him is to initiate and engage in more social play for a sustained period of time. Wes is content to stand on the sidelines and watch kids play. If they involve him, he’s usually happy to join them. But he doesn’t really initiate that himself.

They’re also going to work on initiating and engaging in conversations. He’s doing really well at saying “hi” and “bye” to people. But conversations? Well, that will be a good goal to work on. Talking with Wesley is usually one-sided. Everything you say to him goes in. But what comes back to you in return is very limited. I don’t think it comes as naturally to him as to other kids his age.

I’m excited for him to get back into school. He loves playing with other kids, and I know he will love being back in school.

We are very lucky parents.


2 Responses to “Wesley’s Ways”

  1. mom Says:

    …and we are very lucky “Ampas and Ammas” too!

  2. tara72 Says:

    I love the posts about your kids! that last photo of Wes is so him. we love having him come over, so we should do it more often!

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