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Jun '11

Donations Please…Ian Needs a Family

Want to do something small that makes a BIG difference? This week Heather Fillmore is raising $1000 to contribute to the adoption fund for Ian, a boy in Eastern Europe with Down syndrome (like my Wes!). Please click on this link here and donate.

Heather’s family just adopted a little girl from Russia named Anya who is not much older than Wesley.

Where Ian and Anya live, kids with DS are undesirable and live their lives in institutions without family. It’s mind-boggling to me. But it’s reality for them.

This is the blog address for Ian’s potential family: http://bring-hope-home.blogspot.com.

And by clicking here you can learn more about Reese’s Rainbow, the organization that helps get homes for children with Down syndrome and other special needs. I cannot look at the pictures of all those beautiful children and not wish I could do something for them. This at least is one small thing I can do to help.

Please help his family bring Ian home to a better life!

What if it were Wes over there??

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  1. mom Says:

    Shannon, thank you for reminding us of Reese’s Rainbow. Every time you do, it helps me to help. That’s a big deal these days. Keep up the good work, sweetie! I hope Ian makes it to his home. I couldn’t watch the video of the Serbian institution. That first frame was more than I could take. Thank heavens Wes is here with you and thank heavens you are helping to help.

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