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Apr '11

Family Pictures. Have a Look!

We recently got a look at the photos we took with our kids last weekend. We will finish our session this weekend when the kids are more cooperative.


2 Responses to “Family Pictures. Have a Look!”

  1. tara72 Says:

    oh yes, still so cute. :) I laughed out loud when I saw the family picture with Wes looking up (the black and white one), even though it was my second time seeing it. love them!

  2. mom Says:

    Okay…..okay…..cuteness overload….but also something more….it’s the kind of frosting you get on an already scrumptious double fudge brownie cake with volcano filling…. and you’ve eaten most of it, but you don’t think what is left will be enough so you are tempted to get another to take home just to make sure you have some on hand. THAT’S how cute these pictures are! These pictures are worth a bazillion to the 7th power words. Wow are they cute! And John is handsome. And you are beautiful.

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