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Nov '10

Counting My Blessings

Lately I have been grouchy. “Grouchy” is not a word I have often used to describe myself, but it is now. I attribute it to a consistent, annoying lack of sleep and trying to lose weight. Both those things together leave me emotionally drained, physically strained, impatient, discouraged, and certainly not my best.

I feel bad for John because he gets the brunt of my emotions every day. Poor guy. But he gave me some good advice: Count my blessings. (And “go to bed earlier.” Still working on that one.)

Last night I was hitting a wall of negative thoughts and feelings, had a headache and was tired, and was not at my best. I determined that instead of grouching about everything that seemed bad, I was going to count up the things that were good.

The first thing to make my list was John. He came upstairs as we were scrambling to get out the door for a family dinner and, while I was busy doing something else, asked what he could do to get Wesley ready to go. Blessing #1: John and his every-wonderfulness.

I can’t remember now everything that made the list that night, or what order they came in, but I know John made the list twice. I was at times grateful for a healthy body, good food, kids I love, and a bunch of small, almost trivial things. Taking a moment to recognize the good things I have made me less grouchy and more content with things as they are.

On a related note, lately I’ve been realizing what a treasure my kids are to me. It’s hit me more now that I have two of them. I always knew I loved Wesley, when we had just him, but multiplying one to two makes my awareness greater. They are so precious. I don’t have a lot of jewelry you could call costly; I think my kids are my gems.


2 Responses to “Counting My Blessings”

  1. mom Says:

    It’s not hard to be grumpy when you’re working on more than one hard thing. Be good to yourself, sweetie, and you’ll reach your goals in time. I cannot believe how much Wesley is talking! He says “Carissa!” And that little boo-boo is starting to learn how to get out of her Tummy Time. What a cute, cute, cute, cute, cute little bugger. Our children are the gems of our lives. I have four gems and six and a half little precious stones. Thank you for making me so lucky.

  2. tara72 Says:

    ACK! She is SO CUTE!!!!! love the videos. Wes is such a good helper. Carissa seems to like tummy time. Ashleigh HATED it. so it was hard for me to give her ample time on her tummy. so good job! you’ve got some great things to be happy about. :)

    (and ironically, the word I had to type in upon logging in was “angry”) :)

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