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Oct '10

Funness n’ Stuff

What’s better than a swaddled baby?

Last night we went out for Halloween dinner with my sister and brother-in-law and a couple of friends at a buffet themed with pirates of the seven seas.

We made a new friend. (That’s a real person in there.) He was very scary.

And saw honest-to-goodness swash-buckling sword fighting.

And had some decent food with good friends.

They had lots of prizes to give away, but not a great turnout, so we all came away with something (a Ghirardelli chocolate gift box, in our case). We made s’mores by a fire on the deck, which was a nice break from the chilly mountain air. We had a good time.

On a completely different note, Wes is getting better all the time at repeating words and sounds. Here he is working on some animal names and sounds with one of his toys.

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  1. mom Says:

    There is nothing cuter than a *cute* swaddled baby WITH A BINKY! That pirate is scary, but you look so brave and Tara….well….she is lucky to have you there to protect her. I love Wesley’s little head bob thingie that goes with the Old MacDonald song. This blog was ubber-cute!

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