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Aug '10


Wesley’s verbal vocabulary is really taking off. He knows a lot of signs (many of which he’s made up himself, or are some version of the actual sign, so often I have to guess what his little hands are trying to tell me), and now his verbal expression is starting to catch up. I mentioned in a recent post how he’s starting to say more sounds (like “k” when he sees a truck). Today he I showed him the cars on his PJ pants and said, “Cars,” and he repeated the word: “Caaaah.” I was so proud. Then John sat with him by the front window for ten minutes looking at all the traffic go by, trying to get him to do it again. Eventually he did. And when our neighbors rode by on their bicycles, Wes clearly repeated the word “bicycle” after John said it. Three syllables! We are proud parents.

He starts preschool September 13th, two days a week. And just like that our little boy is getting all grown up.

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  1. tara72 Says:

    wow!!! that’s awesome!!!

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