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Apr '10


Is it time for my annual rant about door-to-door salespeople who want to know if my mom’s home?

Actual conversation yesterday:

Salesgirl, looking me over: “Are you the lady of the house?”

Me: “Yes.”

SG, skeptically: “Really? You…YOU’RE the lady of the house?”

Me: “Yes.”

SG: “Like, you’re the owner?”

Me: “Yes.”

SG, stammering: “Oh my gosh, because you…you look so YOUNG!”

Me: “Thanks.”

SG: “Like, you look 20! How old are you?”

(Yes, she really asked me that.)

Me: “28.”

SG: “Wow! [laughs nervously] Gosh… So, um…” [hands me a flyer] “I’m just going around your neighborhood and offering a carpet cleaning service…”

You can guess about how successful she was selling her service to me.

Am seriously considering posting my adult credentials outside my front door.

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  1. Jon Boy Says:

    Oh my goodness. I think I would’ve slammed the door in her face after the third question.

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