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Nov '09


We’ve been busy, running around everywhere. Or at least Wes has:

He learned this game from nursery at church. At the end of class when they’re waiting for parents to come they line the kids up against a wall and have them run back and forth. I remember when Wes started nursery at 18 months old. He had only been walking for a month or two then, and he was small and still didn’t have any teeth, so the teachers would hold him while the other kids ran. It’s been eight months since he started nursery, and now he knows how the game works and can run as good (but maybe not as fast) as the rest of the kids.

Sometimes I look at him and still see a baby. And then other times, increasingly often, I look at him see an ACTIVE two-year-old! He loves to run and climb everything he can. Lately we’ve seen him stepping on the handles of the drawers in the kitchen to hull himself up so he can peek over the top of the counter.

He’s got four molars and four front teeth (the two on top and two on bottom). He’s starting to get the teeth that go in between the front teeth and molars. Basically he’s been teething since last April. He won’t chew on anything except his hands, so his fingers are fat with calluses. I’m super happy he has molars: Now I can give him the ENTIRE piece of toast (crust and all) because he can chew it.

He’s a picky eater, though. There are a few never-fail foods: instant oatmeal (maple and brown sugar ONLY), pretzel sticks, and milk. Yeah, that’s the whole list. Other foods he’ll eat sometimes, when he feels like it: buttered toast, apple sauce, pureed fruits and vegetables (nothing with chunks or he’ll spit it out), ice cream, yogurt, M&Ms, fudge-striped shortbread cookies. I think that’s it. My mom says I was a picky eater, but I’m pretty sure I ate more than oatmeal, pretzel sticks, and milk on a regular basis.


2 Responses to “Wesley”

  1. mom Says:

    Yes…..I’m pretty sure you would almost always eat your Gramma Wilson’s cinnamon toast. So you have one up on Wesley. That’s my girl!!

  2. tara72 Says:

    oh man, it’s really cute to watch him play his new game. how fun! and now I bet you can really wear him out if you need to. like that was ever a problem…. :)

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