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Sep '09

No Soliciting

We’ve had door-to-door salesmen stop by each day this week. Sometimes I think I should post a sign on my door like the ones I see on some of my neighbors’ doors that say, “No Soliciting.”

But mine would be more specific.

“Do not knock on my door if I don’t know you.
Do not knock on my door if I don’t want to talk to you.
Do not knock on my door if I’m not dressed yet.
Do not knock on my door if the baby is crying.
Do not knock on my door if I’m in the middle of something.
ESPECIALLY do not knock on my door if you’re going to ask me if my mom is home.”

That last rule is the real deal breaker. No matter how promising your sales pitch is, you don’t stand a chance when you ask a 28-year-old woman who’s married, has a kid, a mortgage, and a college degree if her mom’s home.

And every single salesman, every single time, asks me that. Even when I’m holding Wes.

At least it cuts their visits really short.


4 Responses to “No Soliciting”

  1. alicia Says:

    Ha ha, I’ve gotten the “Is your mom home” thing too and when I give them a dirty look, they get really embarrassed. It is pretty funny, really. I totally understand the whole problems with the door salesmen- I love your specific list.

  2. Josh Says:

    I think that’s kind of cute. You may never outgrow adorable, Shannon. :)

  3. tara72 Says:

    I’d love a video camera at our front door to see who is here. I don’t like door-to-door salespeople because I’m easy to sucker. bleh.

    and I’m with Josh. :)

  4. Hannah Says:

    Post it! But I think you should add one:

    -If case of the above and you persist in knocking, you are legally waving your right to redress in the court of law if I accidentally spray you in the face with pepper spray.

    Or you could move to the ghetto like us. We never get door-to-door sales people.

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