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May '09

Running and running

Last year I started running. And stopped running once it turned cold and I started teaching aerobics instead. All spring long I’ve been meaning and meaning to get out and run.

And I have. A total of three times.

Oops, make that four–I just went again this morning.

Because this weekend I realized the Freedom Run is in five weeks, and I so enjoyed running it last year that I want to do it again this year. Which means I had better practice.

So this morning I went out and jogged for thirty minutes, just to see if I could do it, pausing twice for water. The first ten minutes I was moving pretty slow…but hey, I was moving!

I was stoked to find I can go for thirty minutes, which according to mapmyrun.com was about 3.25 miles. It wasn’t easy, though, so I hope that by practicing it’ll feel better in time for the 5K in July.

Anyone else game for running this summer?

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  1. alicia Says:

    That is awesome!! I so wish I could run the 5k with you. I see runners and I wish I could just hop out the door and run. Seems like such a little thing. :) Sad thing is that once I can run, it will be getting cold again and I don’t like running in the cold either. Good luck with your training and 5k! For only going out a few times it sounds like you are doing amazing! Probably all that Zumba.

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