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Dec '08

Ding Dongs

Yesterday morning I brought home two boxes of Ding Dongs. I thought they’d be good Christmas treats to hand out to the eleven-year-olds I teach at church this Sunday, and the leftovers would be good for special Christmas Eve treats when my family is over for dinner. They’re wrapped in cute silver foil (I opened a box to see), which I think is very Christmasy and would look good stacked on a tray with other Christmas goodies.

Last night John pulled me into the kitchen and said, “I saw something today,” and opened the pantry door and pointed to the Ding Dongs. I told him, “Yeah, I know,” and told him why I got them. Then he blushed a little and said one of them is missing.

I just laughed. I knew he liked chocolate treats but hadn’t realized that Ding Dongs were one of his favorites. Then he pulled out the box and showed me the nutritional facts.


Each Ding Dong has:

180 calories, with 80 of those calories coming from fat
9 g fat (14%), with 7g of that (35%) being saturated fat

A serving is actually TWO cakes, which ramps up your fat intake to 29% of your daily needs, and saturated fat to 65%.

You might as well kiss your arteries goodbye. I hope my eleven-year-olds are heart-healthy to start with so the Ding Dongs don’t kill them right before Christmas.


2 Responses to “Ding Dongs”

  1. tara72 Says:

    LOL. that’s too funny.

  2. mom Says:

    Um…does this mean we have to kiss the Ding Dongs good-bye too?

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