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Aug '08

Breaking Dawn

For anyone who’s read the Twilight series, what did you think of the last book? I finished it Wednesday, and I assume I’m not the only one who’s read it. Spoilers allowed in comments.

Speaking of spoilers, only read this part if you’ve already read the book or don’t care:

In addition to knowing whether you overall liked it or not, here are some things I want people’s reactions to:
– The final battle scene: Were you disappointed it fizzled?
– The baby: Does it weird you out? or is it a cool feature of the story?
– The baby’s name: Did you ever learn to pronounce it correctly?
– Jacob’s new lovelust: Could you see that coming?
– The, um, physical affection between Edward and Bella: Too much, too little?
– The section from Jacob’s point of view in the middle: Did it work for you?
– The many extra characters: Where they necessary?


2 Responses to “Breaking Dawn”

  1. brozy Says:

    Final battle: *So* disappointing. I mean, really? The biggest conflict ever, with the most powerful vampires ever, whom we’ve just discovered are self-serving tyrants, and they’re just going to *walk away*? Not buying it.

    The baby: Cool after she was born. Freaky weird while Bella was pregnant, though.

    The name: Could it get any more Utah Mormon? It’s a hideous name. And Bella’s constant complaining about the nickname was annoying.

    Jacob’s new love: Didn’t expect that. Surprised to be okay with it.

    Edward and Bella: Too much, imo. Some of it felt important to the story (for the conception of the freaky baby), but some of it felt gratuitous. Also, I was disappointed with the amount of detail (felt like it was still too much, given that she knows there are *tons* of young kids who read her books; my sister waited for the book for a year and now can’t read it–she’s hugely disappointed) and by the way the rather destructive . . . physical relations were romanticized. (Bella’s bruises and her not noticing? Creepy.)

    Jacob’s POV: I guess it was helpful to explain why he came back to help Bella et al. It felt way too long to me.

    The five million characters: Okay with me, if you’re going to have an epic battle.

    Another complaint: I felt like Leah was sort of . . . exploited. Just when I was starting to sympathize with her, suddenly we hear no more about Leah. Apparently she’s only important until Jacob finds his new love interest.

  2. shannon Says:

    That’s a good point about Leah that I didn’t even think about before now. As I was reading I kept wondering where things were going with Jacob and Leah–and then I quietly forgot about her by the end.

    Ha ha–the baby’s name is kind of Utah Mormon. Maybe it should have been LaReneesme to fit the demographic even better.

    I was okay with Jacob’s imprinting too. I still think “imprinting” is a dumb term, but I guess it works. I’ve heard it thrown around so much that it’ll probably end up in the next Merriam Webster.

    And, yeah, the final battle (whoops, non-battle) scene. I had the same response as you: “I mean, really?” It was a let-down. Although I’m secretly glad no one died except for that one vampire I didn’t care about.

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