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Jan '08


This month a book is being published that I edited:


It’s a middle-grade fantasty novel. Here’s the book description from the back cover (which I also had to write):

After a baffling car accident left him fatherless and his mother without memory, fourteen-year-old Xander Sparks was taken in by his “Uncle” Cristo. One night Xander and his best friend Shane are attacked by strange, deadly creatures that swarm into the house, leading Uncle Cristo to reveal a secret magical gate that opens to a far-away world called Ardan. Tragically, Cristo is critically wounded, and only the most powerful magic in Ardan may save his fading life—a rare dragon tear from the Dragon Tower. Xander, Shane, and their new friend Princess Allana undertake the dangerous journey into fantastical wilderness where they must overcome the trials that guard the tear and threaten to thwart their desperate purpose. Their adventures uncover magic and mysteries they never expected that will ultimately change their lives forever.

Dramatic sounding, eh? It’s really a fun book to read. I’d edited a couple other books before, but this is my first for the fiction market. It took a long time (because I was also working full-time) and it was a lot of work. But worth it.

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  1. Titania Says:

    What a fun job!!!

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