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Nov '07

BYU Fan #1!

Someone kindly gave our son a BYU onesie, which we were really excited about (afterall, the kid’s gotta know his blue roots). But even though it’s “newborn” size, it’s still pretty big on him. Even so, we dressed him in it for the BYU vs. CSU game last Saturday.

Getting ready for the game:

Us watching the game:

How Wes “watches” football:


2 Responses to “BYU Fan #1!”

  1. Titania Says:

    Awww, how sweet! He’s really filling out and looking healthy! Congratulations again, I’m so excited for you!!! We hope to see you soon.

  2. Maurine Says:

    Training him young…that is the way to do it. So it was so good to see you at the grocery store the other day. Again, Wesley is so dang cute! Oh and I was wondering if you would ever want to come to an informal playgroup that Aubrey and I do. Let me know because we would love for you to come. It is mostly just an excuse to have adult conversations. My blog is linfords.blogspot.com.

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