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Oct '07

Tummy Time Tale

Well, I wouldn’t be a mom if I didn’t think my son was the strongest, bestest baby around. The fact that it’s true is beside the point.

We’ve been giving Wes “tummy time,” where we place him on his stomach so he can strengthen his neck muscles by practicing holding his head up. He’s surprisingly strong for such a little guy. He’s flipped himself over from his tummy onto his back a few times, probably because he’s still kind of lightweight. You can tell that his head weighs a bit more than the rest of his body, because sometimes when he tries to lift his head his back legs come up too, and he looks like a skydiver.


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  1. ktaggart1 Says:

    Hi Shannon,
    I just checked me email and saw that you had a baby. CONGRATS! Wes is seriously so adorable. I am so happy that he is gaining weight and doing well. That picture of him on his stomach – wow, he is so strong. It looks like you are loving motherhood. Congrats again!

    Katie Thorne Taggart

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