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Oct '07

Four Weeks

(Note: This post, for whatever reason, wasn’t showing up on our blog, so I am reposting it. It was originally posted on October 11th.)

Our baby’s 29 days old now. I took him in for a checkup today and he weighed 5 lbs 5 oz!

I think that’s huge, considering how little he started out. But the doctor said he’s still pretty small and I need to bring him in next week for another weight check.

Here’s a picture to give you an idea of his actual size. This is Wes wearing a preemie outfit, lying next to the same outfit in the three-month size.


The sticker on his cheek helps hold on his oxygen tubes. But the sticker on his other cheek had fallen off, so I just took off the tubes for the afternoon. We’ll have to replace them tonight, since he’s supposed to sleep with the oxygen on.

When all your pregnancy hormones start depleting, they’re apparently replaced with the photo-taking hormones. It just goes with the territory of new momhood. I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of him today, even though he wasn’t doing much.

Although here’s Wes doing one of his favorite activities: thrusting out his arm like he’s telling us to Stop!


And just one more cute one.


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