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Oct '07

Discoveries in Momhood

(Note: This post, for whatever reason, wasn’t showing up on our blog, so I am reposting it. It was originally posted on October 4th.)

Here are some things I didn’t realize I’d like so well about momhood.

1. Speaking in babytalk to your own baby is not only socially acceptable, it’s really fun.
2. Naked baby bodies are dang cute, and sometimes bathing your baby is fun just because you can see him wriggling in the nude.
3. Dressing your baby in sleeper pajamas with the little feet on them can make any dull day a whole lot brighter.
4. Holding a baby in your arms who’s sleepy and content to just be held is about the most peaceful thing in the world.
5. Babies can make a hundred different expressions in just a few minutes, and most of them are pretty darn adorable.

Case in point: Here are some photos I snapped of Wesley today while he was hanging out in his cradle. (Disclaimer: I don’t pretend to know how to focus my camera properly. Any photos that turn out in focus are completely by chance.)










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