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Jul '07

That Darn Cat

Last week we bought our 2-year-old cat Kyra a bag of kitty treats, which we’ve never done before. But we’ve been wanting to introduce her to some new things, like a kitty harness so we can take her safely outside, and we wanted treats to entice (okay, okay–bribe) her with.

Yesterday we fitted her in her little red harness, and it only took us two tries to get it right. We let her walk around in it for a while to get used to it before we attached the leash. The leash really surprised her; it was like an extra tail, and she couldn’t understand why it kept following her.

We fed her treats when we put the harness on, and fed her treats when we took it off again. Initially, I wasn’t sure if she’d like the treats, but she seemed to gobble them up happily enough.

Tonight we learned exactly how much she likes them.

Kitty Treats 1

Kitty Treats 2

Our bad, I guess, for leaving them out for her to lust after. I thought she was being awfully quiet, and when I went to find her, there she was, having a kitty treat feast on the basement landing.

Oh, and incidentally, yesterday her first outing outdoors lasted approximately one minute. We had to practically force her onto the front porch, where she hunched defensively and prowled around the edge of the porch, then escaped right back inside the house. I guess we’ll have to work on that with her. But maybe with fewer bribes, since she ate about half of them tonight.

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