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Jun '07

News from the Jacuzzi

I had my 24-week appointment on Tuesday and things look good. When I got there all three doctors were out delivering babies, so I had to wait a bit. But when I finally got in the doctor said I was spot-on, measurement-wise, for 24 weeks. She had a hard time finding the baby’s heartbeat “in the Jacuzzi,” as she put it, but she finally got it to register and it was 137 bpm or something normal like that. I’m gaining more weight, too. I think I’ve gained at least ten pounds by now. I get heartburn all the time, which isn’t really fun. But it’s not at all bad like it was during the first few weeks of pregnancy, and at least I’m supporting all those fine employees at the Tums factory.

The baby is kicking a bit. Or, as we say in the Robinson household, is practicing his hockey windups. People have been asking us what we’ll name him, but we probably won’t decide until we greet the little guy in October. Wayne Gretzky Robinson?

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