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Jan '07

Junk Mail

A sampling of the subject headings of emails sitting in my Junk E-mail box at work:

For You….My Love (with an attachment)
“Question: My insurance company called and asked me to sign medical releases so they can get my medical records?”
fw[9]: 7 new messages from ladies for you (dating)
Gain up some Inches for your darling
Homework Help In All Subjects
gust accentuate
isn’t it time
blackAt thispoint thatmade tense
imprescriptible DFHP
Get rid of extra pounds and enjoy life
Pounds down, mood up
Check out the wonders of pound melting
tremendous clergyman
RE: creddit news
Field Guide to Evangelicals
Follow up: Your check is still waiting
RE: hipus news
Surviving Job Loss
Towards a success

I’m not sure which offends me more: the frequency of typos and incorrect capitalization or the suggestion that I’m fat, out of a job, and in desperate need of some love (from ladies, no less).

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