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Nov '06

Fast Franks

As if hot dogs weren’t already fast enough, easy enough, cheap enough, Kraft foods had to make them faster, easier, and cheaper.

Oh, wait. Nope, nix that “cheaper” part.

Introducing Fast Franks by Oscar Mayer:


Now instead of buying a package of ten hotdogs for 99 cents and a package of eight buns for 79 cents (which is about 22 cents per hot dog and bun together), you can buy three hot dogs already nestled in the bun for $3.39! That’s only $1.13 per hot dog!

And instead of microwaving the hot dog separately for a minute and then putting it in the bun, you can just pop in a Fast Franks and 35 seconds later it’s ready to eat!

Amazing. Seriously, give those people at Oscar Mayer a raise. Thank goodness we don’t ever have to deal with hot dogs and buns separately ever again.

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