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Nov '06

Funny funny

Funny things that happened to me yesterday:

  • Went to an automatic car wash. A truck was already ahead of me, being washed. I entered my money and waited for futher direction. The computer said: “Wash is in use . . . . Please wait or enter more money for more options.”

    So if I put in another buck would the wash shove the truck out before it was done and let me enter?

  • Also went to a wedding last night. The best part was when the flower girl carrying the basket of rose petals walked all the way down the aisle without remembering to throw any of the petals and at the very end the groom’s mom had to stand up and show her what to do with them. She made her walk back up the aisle to throw the petals and the little girl looked like she wanted to cry. And when the bride walked down the aisle a second later her huge train swept up all the rose petals anyway so they lasted on the aisle all of a minute.

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